Change @ Work

Even on a good day, change @ work can be chaotic, wearisome, certainly annoying.

Helping you learn to move proactively through your changes is the reason for this blog. It is designed to help you navigate your way through work transitions by at times utilizing stories of workplace change, or drawing on recent organizational and psychological research, or simple practical tips that have been proven efficient and effective in companies and organizations of all sizes and with changes of varying impact. This work has been road-tested by people in companies and organizations across America and on four continents.

By utilizing some of the highlights from the most important things I have learned while studying and teaching change in twenty something years of globetrotting (I started very young). I hope to give you insights and perspectives of why and how workplace change affects employees and management at all levels. With that as our compass, week by week, we’ll trek through various corners of your ‘change territory’ and learn what you can specifically do to facilitate your stages of workplace change. Here and there, you might run into a little humor, too. Change@work is hard enough – laughing at it is better than crying because of it.

For the record, my management style is very operations driven. I value pragmatic and proactive solutions to workplace issues. This post is long by my standards and you can count on it being shorter in the future.

Each week, this space will host a series of commentaries about the up and downsides of organizational change. I’ll bring insights, perspectives and tips that work to assist you in maneuvering more resourcefully, productively and profitably through the shark infested waters of a changing environment. Through stories of change triumph and tragedy, I’ll offer you pragmatic next steps.

Hopefully the advice and experiences shared in this space will be useful whether you are contemplating a career change, self-employed, recently promoted, recently laid off, overwhelmed, underpaid, with a golden parachute, with 24 years in and counting, 23 years
old and just starting, burning it up or flaming out – let’s converse about what is happening in your situation and people up and down an organization — anyone who works, manages, supervises, or leads.

At times, my advice is addressed specifically to employees. Other times the insights are directed toward managers. That said, I believe there’s value for everyone in these moments as they bring you inside the perspective of those on other levels of your organization.

My hope is that you will consistently find lessons here that will give you pause and encourage you to acknowledge how you handle change both professionally and personally. When you can efficiently manage yourself through change, you are better equipped to choose what tools to use to manage others as well.

I have travelled hundreds of thousands of miles and eaten more than a lifetime quota of airplane pretzels to assist management and employees learn that while change can disrupt and at times stop the bus, the work at all costs has to go on. And that is a fact of business. And change will disrupt and stop productivity. As an executive, manager or supervisor charged with the responsibility to successfully facilitate a change of any size or magnitude, you can try to strong–arm your way through change by managing the facts, or you can learn to do what it really takes to be effective and get back in the plus column — manage the issues. There are specific strategies and skills that can make it infinitely easier for you. I’ll share.

This blog is an invitation to an on-going interactive conversation about what it actually feels like during a work change, and how to come out the other side. And often, what guides you through changes at work will assist you outside work as well. Please feel free to ask questions and make comments. We’ll learn through each other.

Ann Salerno - Cofounder
Ann Salerno is internationally well-known as a speaker, trainer and author. She is COO of CCMC Inc, home to The Change Cycle Series training programs with offices in metro Washington DC, Louisville, Kentucky and Durban, South Africa. Ann is coauthor of the popular new release, The Change Cycle, How People Can Survive and Thrive in Organizational Change. 910..228..3000