The Change Cycle Training Formats

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You will get fast results because The Change Cycle model is a proven communication tool in assisting all levels of management and employees with perspective and specific ‘how-to’ skills for coping with the realities of change.

The sciences of physiology, physics and applied psychology provide bodies of research that explain why and how we react and respond to change. This vast knowledge base provides relevant cognitive, emotional and behavioral applications. We deciphered and translated the often confusing scientific language into six easily understood, visual stages of how humans move through change – the big and small ones.

Our training formats are designed to build immediate rapport with the learner via full color participant guides that utilize humor, stories and case studies, while teaching skill sets that are practical and can be implemented quickly.

Our training emphasizes:

  • Each person is responsible for their attitude and behavior during times of change and how they handle their personal and professional needs
  • Relevant, practical skills can be utilized immediately to the benefit of the individual and have a positive impact on communication issues within their work team
  • Change is not an event with a start and end time
  • 1st learn to manage yourself, and then learn to manage others and the situation

To use a metaphor – Change Cycle training is like working with a strength and conditioning coach, or a personal trainer that gets you in shape for organizational change initiatives, and trains you to maintain your ongoing change readiness.

*Most items available in English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Japanese, French, Italian and Simplified Chinese .